The Book of Michel Nizan

This remarkable true novel is the personal record of one student’s search for Truth, and her meeting with a Hidden Master and member of the Illuminati — “The Arabian Alchemist” — who becomes her Teacher, forever changing her world through the artistry of Light, Life and Love. The story takes the reader on an amazing spiritual journey, culminating in a most unusual Initiation into the Mysteries. It offers a quite unique account into the actual work of a Hidden Master.

Hermetic Footprints

This abridged version of the Hermetic Teachings of the Kybalion reveals the seven principles upon which all Universal Laws rest. In it, one can find clear answers to the perennial questions,“Who is God?” “Why are we here?” and “What is the purpose of life?” together with elucidations of the real nature of Man and the Universe. These principles provide the keys that unlock the secrets of the Genuine Mystery Teachings.

Golden Letters

We have tracked down some quite unique and magical correspondence between two very different students and their Hidden Master from the 1980s. These letters contain secret and eyeopening answers to some of the greatest questions of our time —many topics are covered in this correspondence,including séances, the nature of heaven, karma,equality, reincarnation, numerology, healing, words ofpower, soul-mates, astrology and much more. The answers given may shock you, and simply cannot be found elsewhere — they are revealed now for the very first time.

In Search of the Hidden Masters

This book describes the steps in the journey towards finding the True Master in a clear and simple manner all can understand. In it, many cherished fantasies are exploded, whilst the multitude of ‘gurus’ who prey upon the gullibility of seekers, are shown up for what they are. This book will be a breath of fresh air to anyone who has failed to find the True Master, providing clear hints on what to look for and what not to look for.

Anaza’s Ark

This is a more advanced book, on the subject of alchemy.Several of the highest secrets are revealed (and re-veiled) in this allegorical tale of spiritual transmutation,during which a young woman is awakened by Anaza — the physician of her heart — who has come across time and space to rescue her from the folly of wrong beliefs and actions, and to lead her towards enlightenment. The tale includes a veritable wealth of wisdom and truth for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear.

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ENOCH : THE BOOK OF GOD" by Dr E V Kenealy

It is no exaggeration to say that this is one of the most remarkable books in the world. But please do not confuse it with the incomplete and distorted versions put forth by Archbishop Richard Laurence and R H Charles, which bear the same title. The Book of Enoch is so incredibly old that it is impossible to say when it was first written. But even a cursory glance at its remarkable contents must convince the most sceptical reader that it predates the fall of Atlantis, as it predicts the destruction of that island continent in great detail. Those who are genuinely in search of Truth will recognise this book as one of the most ancient and authentic revelations of the Ancient Wisdom, filled with true elucidations of the mysteries of Life. This ancient book is probably the most uplifting text that has ever been printed. It has the power to carry the mind into spheres of the highest Beauty, Peace and Light and to reveal the hidden Wisdom of God and his Angels.

THE OERA LINDA BOOK – by W.R. Sandbach

When Atlantis fell, its citizens fled to different regions all around the world. One place they went to was Frisia, a small island off the Dutch coast. The contents of the original script of this book date back to 2194 B.C. and it gives readers a wonderful feel and flavour of the wise and righteous laws and culture of the Atlantean days. Anybody who has read about Atlantis and wondered what it was actually like to live during that time, will find what they are seeking in this book. Available widely from Amazon and other booksellers.

THE CHILDREN OF MU – by James Churchward

For those students of the Mysteries who wish to reach out further in time than Atlantis, James Churchward has written a series of fascinating books on the continent of Lemuria (Mu). Although the book contains many errors (as do all such books), there is enough accurate and descriptive material to make all his books very readable. For example, his books contain very interesting descriptions of the various aeroplanes in use during that time, much more advanced than those around today, including aircraft with wings that flapped like a bird.

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It is of course well known that many of the High Priests of Atlantis went to Egypt and established a region of great power there. The so-called Dynastic Period comprises merely the last throws of this once great civilisation. And from during that later dynastic time, written about 3500 years ago, we derive this script which needs no introduction. The original is held in the British Museum and is often referred to as the “Emerging forth into the Light”. It describes the journey of the deceased towards the afterlife and is widely available and free to read online at:

The Golden Star: a Book for Initiates—by J Michaud PhD

Described as a “Book for Initiates” this book is certainly not suitable for thrill-seekers or mystery-mongers, but may still be enjoyed in the large part by beginners as well as by Adepts. It has something for everybody. It charts a spiritual journey of the loving couple, Mau and Mauti, as they are guided along by the Divine Messenger Neteru-Hem. They first descend into the lowest hells and then rise through ever higher Realms on a most remarkable journey (which is also a series of Initiations) where the two pilgrims are taught about the real nature of matter and spirit, electricity, atoms, energy and the true constitution of Man and the Universe. The many subjects covered include the inhabitants of the elemental kingdoms, clairvoyance, witchcraft, magic, spiritualism, occult symbolism, creation, evolution, cosmic consciousness and the hierarchy of spiritual beings who rule the universe under God. The book is very scarce nowadays but can still be found occasionally from :

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THE WHITE BROTHER – by Michael Juste

Michael Juste was the pen-name of Michael Houghton, a Hungarian immigrant who founded the famous “Atlantis Bookshop” in the 1920s. Here he gives a description of finding the perfect Master, and provides a true account of his own experiences in this regard. The Hidden Master who he is describing will be known to some of you. The book is difficult to find nowadays, but can still be viewed online at:

Winged Pharaoh - by Joan Grant

This is one of those very rare past-life novels that rings true. Grant's descriptions of life in Egypt during the 1st Dynasty are compelling and at times her language rises to such heights as to carry the reader into a higher and better world—bringing tears of mingled joy and sadness to one's eyes. The book gives many absolutely correct explanations of occult laws and principles as well as some of the secret teachings of the Egyptian Mystery Schools. Sadly, it also contains some glaring errors, but as we have said many times, we know of no books that do not. Easily available from Amazon and other booksellers.

WHEN THE WORLD SHOOK – by H. Rider Haggard

Rider Haggard had an extraordinary gift – being able to throw his mind back into the distant past and recount with great accuracy everything that the eyes can see and the ears can hear from those visions of the past. All his books are worth reading. This particular novel, like his more famous book “She”, contains absolutely correct descriptions of the conditions, sciences, inventions and arts that existed in parts of Atlantis in the very distant past of 250,000 years ago. The value of the book for the serious occult student lies not in the adventure itself (though this is as gripping and eventful as any of Rider Haggard's other tales), but rather in the very many references to, and discussions of, various occult principles and psychic powers. Among the former may be mentioned, "force", "attraction and repulsion" and "heat and light"; and among the latter, "astral projection", "telepathy" and "hypnotism". Oro and Yva also provide the discerning reader with a revealing portrait of the two opposing aspects of the Atlantean race. One, devoted to Divine Wisdom and the other to the acquirement of psychic, as opposed to spiritual, power. Consequently, When the World Shook is very applicable to our modern world and the battles being waged between the forces of Light and Darkness. It is easily available from Amazon and other booksellers.

MR HYDE – by R.L. Stephenson

Most readers will be familiar with Robert Louis Stevenson's famous allegory of good and evil. Very few however, are aware that this book is an accurate study of the nature and attributes of the Higher and lower self. H. P. Blavatsky wrote that "no grander psychological essay on Occult lines exists." But read the story for yourself and see just how much is concealed in this story, which some consider to be nothing more than thrilling 'Gothic' horror! Widely available from Amazon and other booksellers.

ZANONI – by Edward Bulwer-Lytton

As above, this is yet another book which describes the eternal conflict between the Higher and lower Self, between wisdom and ignorance, love and passion, set against the dramatic background of the French Revolution. The novel is divided into seven parts, whose titles indicate the sevenfold path of spiritual development. It is in the fourth section—'The Dweller of the Threshold'—that the author reveals some of the most closely-guarded of occult secrets—albeit in such a manner that only the very Few will recognise them for what they are. Whilst we are not going to give you any clues to these secrets, we may say that all the published interpretations of the mysterious 'Dweller of the Threshold' are utterly wrong. We have heard the most fantastic and fanciful explanations from quite famous Occultists as to who this being really is, but none of them have come even close to a solution. In the neophyte Glyndon, whom Zanoni entrusts to the care of his Master, Mejnour, for his instruction in the magic arts, we encounter a very typical seeker; by turns credulous and sceptical, burning with insatiable curiosity, yet incapable of sustained effort and impatient for the satisfaction of his own selfish desires.
Like the moth, he flutters briefly toward the Light that calls to his Higher Self, only to fall back to earth again with burned wings. Mejnour has received poor treatment at the hands of reviewers over the years, who focus upon his 'cold', 'stern' inhumanity. We prefer to see in him the ideal of a genuine Master who has risen above mere sentimentality to irradiate the world of men with the sunny rays of his spiritual compassion and wisdom, whilst himself remaining hidden. In other words, a genuine Hidden Master. The book is widely available from booksellers or can also be read online at

THE KINGDOM OF THE GODS – by Geoffrey Hodson

First published in 1952, this remarkable book is the result of a lifetime's research into the varied inhabitants of the hidden elemental kingdoms, by the English Occultist and Seer, Geoffrey Hodson. The book is embellished with 29 magnificent colour illustrations by the artist, E.M. Quail, who manages to capture something of the sublime beauty and glory of these Divine Beings which many clairvoyants have mistaken for God and His Angels. Hodson also wrote the valuable book “Fairies at Work and at Play” in 1925, based on his observations of the various Nature Spirits in the Lake District and gives perfectly accurate descriptions of fairies, elves, devas, sylphs, mannikins, gnomes and brownies. Both books are widely available from Amazon and other booksellers.


This is a Gnostic text revealing the Teachings of Jesus, Mary, Mary Magdelene and others. Unlike the Catholics (who believe we can reach Heaven by “good works”) or the Protestants (who believe we can reach Heaven by “faith alone”), the Gnostics believe that Heaven can only be reached by the attainment of Knowledge and eventually Wisdom - in particular the Knowledge of the Gnosis, which this book is dedicated to. We warn you though that this is not an easy book to understand and it is full of deliberate traps to snare the unwary. Thus, although one needs the keys of the Mystery Teachings which we are promoting on this website in order to unlock the secrets hidden within this masterpiece, there is nevertheless much beauty still to enjoy in this book. Readily available from Amazon and other booksellers. Also available online at:

(translated by Thomas Lediard in 1732)

This book extends to three volumes and is extremely rare and expensive (our copy cost us several thousand pounds). It is a fictional book about an Egyptian Pharaoh called Sethos but contains many accurate descriptions of Egypt in its later days, and is a goldmine to any of you who are lucky enough to get access to a copy, revealing many occult secrets to the reader.

More to follow ……. including the works of Madam Blavatsky, William Shakespeare, Percy Shelley, William Wordsworth, Hermes, John Milton, Virgil, Homer……… well as The Kabbalah, The Bible, The Koran, The Zend Avesta, The Bhagavad Gita, The Upanishads and The Vedas.

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