Ancient Egypt

study the Ancient Mystery Teachings

Why are so many people around the world fascinated by Ancient Egypt? Many people in the UK and throughout the world have an affinity and interest in Ancient Egypt (the Tutankhamen exhibition in London in 1972 was the best attended exhibition in the world, with people queuing for up to eight hours to get a view). Even in the gross materialism which prevails today, many worthy people still have that attachment through time and space to the Lands of their past, where the Great Mystery Schools sent forth the   LIGHT of TRUTH.

Madame Blavatsky, in “Isis Unveiled”, wrote that when Ancient Egypt died, her secrets died with her. But Ancient Egypt did not die. She remains in the hearts of many people around the world even today. And nor did her secrets die either. The Hidden Masters of our Order all derived their Wisdom primarily from Ancient Egypt. And now, those REAL secrets of Ancient Egypt have been revealed again to the worthy few by the same Hidden Masters who taught them to their carefully chosen disciples over 3,500 years ago in the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools. Those Masters have returned again in the past century to help and guide those worthy few. You can read about one such Hidden Master in the book “Michel Nizan” (available to buy on this website) and you can even see his statue today in the Pharaonic Section of the British Museum in London, as you will read in the book.

study the Ancient Mystery Teachings

Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools. In those days there was one world religion (from which all of today’s religions are distorted offshoots, albeit that many do still carry parts of the True Teachings here and there). All of “the great and the good” aimed and hoped to pass through these Mystery Schools and to be taught by a Hidden Master. First they had to pass through strenuous selection criteria and then studied a 3 years Foundation Course, during which many of the weaker candidates fell by the wayside. These Students in the Outer Group were known as the Mystai of the Lesser Mysteries. The most successful of them at the end of the 3 years of various tests and trials were then admitted to the Inner Circle and known as the Epoptei of the Greater Mysteries. The total length of their Studies was 21 years. (Any “modern mystery school” offering Initiation and Enlightenment in 6 months should take note!!) All the great Mystery Schools and Occult Orders of today however, follow this same pattern which we have just described, such as the American Rosicrucians and others. It was noted nevertheless, even early in the 20th Century, that many of these Schools and Orders were becoming somewhat commercialised, or that they were being run for the aggrandisement of certain individuals. Thus the Higher Powers decided on a course of action in which many of the Pharaohs and High Priests from the 18th Dynasty of Egypt of 3500 years ago returned into incarnation across Europe. And these individuals were gradually drawn together again in London during the 1930s. One of their achievements was to re-establish an Order run by themselves, the true Hidden Masters from that time – it was based in London but attracted all the greatest mystics and occultists from around the world. It has operated in the greatest secrecy since that time, and continues to teach the full pantheon of the Ancient Mystery Teachings, even today.

Many Mystery Schools and Orders today are based on Eastern Mysticism. The Hidden Masters of our Order however, follow the Western tradition of Ancient Egypt, once populated by our ancestors from Atlantis from whence all Wisdom and Enlightenment is derived, together with the true secrets of Man and the Universe; of creation and evolution - secrets which modern science knows nothing about -notwithstanding the very great progress it has made during the last few centuries. In the Study Course which the Hidden Masters offer, they do also cover the whole pantheon of Eastern Mysticism too, but without the flowery “additions” and “alterations” and “improvements” which it has become befuddled with.

study the Ancient Mystery Teachings

Then there is the Great Pyramid, very ancient even in those times of Ancient Egypt, which sent forth its clarion call in silence then, as it does even today. Some people today believe that the Great Pyramid was once a tomb, whilst other fruitcakes put forth a myriad of fantastic and infantile theories surrounding its origin and purpose. All are wrong. However, we shall not reveal the true date or purpose of the Great Pyramid on this website, and this is because there are often reasons why it is better that the scientists and the public should be fed with fairy tales whilst the real TRUTH is reserved for the few who have proved worthy. Nothing is more appropriate than the saying which reads “Do not cast your pearls before swine!” Not that we are suggesting that you are swine of course. But first prove yourselves loyal and worthy and then you will find that no doors are closed to you - and you will discover that the world which you live in is actually a very different world to what you imagine it to be. So let the swine feed on the latest golf scores and television celebrity gossip, and let those who have ears to hear and eyes to see have their eyes and ears opened to the truth that there was once a great civilisation in Atlantis, with scientific achievements even greater than are known today, and that the Knowledge and Wisdom of that civilisation was not lost when the continent sank but rather that it was brought from Atlantis to Egypt (and elsewhere) and that it is still available here and now in our own age for you to discover and learn……….if your heart truly wishes it.