study the Ancient Mystery Teachings

Question: Please explain who are the Hidden Masters?

Answer: The Hidden Masters are a group of highly advanced human beings, also often referred to by alternative names such as The Illuminati or The Great White Brotherhood. They have existed since time immemorial and been known under many different names over time and place, such as The Magi, The Hierophants, The Mahatmas, The Adepts and The Serpents of Wisdom amongst many.

Question: Some websites say that the Hidden Masters (Illuminati) control the world. Is this true?

Answer: The Hidden Masters are the most highly advanced human beings on Earth so it would be most fortunate for the rest of us if they did indeed control the world. Although the “conspiracy theory” websites which you refer to are spouting fiction, there were indeed different times in the past when such was true – many of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were Initiated Masters of course, and more recently several of the Roman Caesars and Ottoman Sultans. Indeed even more recently there were great political leaders and royalty who were also members of this fraternity, including some few national leaders even today.

Question: So what do the Hidden Masters do now if they are not in politics?

Answer: Some still are in politics, though “democracy” as a system is not conducive as it boils down to the lowest common denominator, rather than the highest. The Hidden Masters do still rule the world in a broader sense however, though nowadays it is less so as political leaders but moreso through many of the great scientific changes around us, together with the arts and music and writing. Indeed this has always been so – if one looks back through time at Pythagoras, Plato, Shakespeare, Milton and Sir Isaac Newton to name but a mere handful. It is also the duty of all Hidden Masters to teach. Remember that the Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom that they have acquired is not set down openly in any textbooks and the only way it is ever passed on is from one Initiate to another. If they did not teach then the Wisdom could not be passed on and the number of Hidden Masters would dwindle and become very few.

Question: How do I contact these Hidden Masters and learn of this Wisdom which they have?

Answer: Well, you can do so through this website as we ourselves are also students of the Masters. They operate a school which provides their secret teachings in the form of weekly lectures, sent by correspondence – this school is known as an Order – and each student is allocated their “own” Hidden Master who they can communicate with whenever they need to. Not all students have the capacity to develop fully into a Hidden Master themselves during this lifetime; however some must succeed in doing so in order for the Work to continue. The rest will show themselves to be exceptional in one way or another and many students will achieve great heights in the world. Most importantly though, they will learn to know TRUTH. To see things as they really are in this world, and not as they are portrayed to be, is the most liberating experience that one can ever have. In turn this leads students away from the sin of ignorance and the lower realms towards freedom and entry into the higher realms (heavens).

Question: What qualities to do I need to join?

Answer: There are no entrance stipulations and no bars due to gender or age or race or nationality or academic qualifications. However one does require a reasonably good grasp of the English Language and reasonably good intelligence. Students join from all walks of life – some are Presidents of countries or multinational organisations, whilst others are office clerks or farmers. One interesting common factor is that quite often, although the aspiring student may mix well enough with others socially, they often feel “apart” from those around them at times. They may look at the world differently from others, and they may find that modern religions do not offer the answers which they are seeking.

Question: Is it true that these Hidden Masters mostly live in Tibet?

Answer: The Mahatmas (or Hidden Masters) of Tibet, floating on snow clouds, are mostly figments of the imagination. One is much more likely to find a Hidden Master on the streets of London. Whether you would recognise him as you passed him is another matter, since they are "hidden"! We often say that they are hidden in plain sight, which is a good description. The UK has been a particular “centre” for the Hidden Masters over the past century. There is an interesting book, written by a true Hidden Master, which alludes to many of the great Egyptian Pharaohs and High Priests of the 18th Dynasty returning to the UK in his dedication of the book, when he wrote: “This book is dedicated to the Memory of that Magic London afternoon, in early April, 1937, when, in the Dwelling-Place of the Masters, took place the re-union of those ancient Brothers and Sisters from mighty Egypt of the 18th Dynasty—and before—drawn together, by the bonds of undying love and friendship, from the far corners of the Earth. When Pharaoh met Pharaoh with the Royal Salute: AHAI! ANETCH HER, NESU BATI UTCHA! Hail! Salutations to Thee, O King of the North and South. LIFE, HEALTH, STRENGTH! When, on the wings of melody, we floated around the Lands that in our times of glory were still barbaric. When heart spoke to heart in mystic rhythm, and mind to mind, and Soul to Soul. When the sweet little Princess, MERIT- ATEN, wept . . .And when MAU saw, heard, and knew . . . MAU-T. AHI!”

Question: Finally, what is meant by the Hidden Master within?

Answer: To be free of ignorance, one must also learn from another Master. For within each of us is a need to extend our INTUITION and to listen to that “still small voice” which directs us towards all that is GOOD and TRUE if we will but pay heed to it. Perhaps that very voice is calling you now, to proceed with this further and to reach out towards that destiny which awaits all those who dare to seek TRUTH. If you are willing to listen to that Master within, you will thus also attune yourself with the Hidden Masters of the Order. And their protecting hand will be over you and they will cover you with their feathery wings and keep you from all harm. As the Master says: “…and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” If you do all these things there will at times shine forth from you a light that is not of this earth but of the celestial realms, where is the House of the Father, the House with many mansions. You yourself will become a Presence and a Light in that Realm.