Occult Sciences

Question: What is the difference between learning the “Occult Sciences” and learning the “Ancient Mystery Teachings”?

Answer: No difference whatsoever. The Occult Sciences and Ancient Mystery Teachings originated in Atlantis and thence spread all around the globe. This Wisdom is always kept in the hands of the few and passed on only to those who prove worthy. Thus it has always been – with the Hierophants of Ancient Egypt – with the Holy Brahmins of India – with the Druids of Europe – and with the High Priests of the Mayans, amongst many others. These Teachings never change – they are eternal, and deal with the Universe itself and all that is within it.

Question: But surely modern science is much more rigorous and accurate nowadays than Occult Science ever was?

Answer: This is simply not true. In fact the reverse is probably more accurate – as modern science dictates that we believe through faith alone in its bizarre Big Bang theory, its discredited theory of gravity and its absurd theory that stars are simply burning balls of fire. Moreover, Material Science changes its theories and its principles and its laws from one day to another, as often as the wind changes direction - whereas the Laws of Occult Science have remained fixed and unchanged since the beginning of Time.

Question: But you must at least accept that Material Science today is at its epoch?

Answer: Once again this is a common fallacy, based on nothing but the conceit of the current generation who always think that they are better than all that has gone before. How small minded such narrow thinking really is! It reminds us of the lunatics of material science who once proclaimed that the world was flat (just 500 years ago) and that the Sun was the only star in the universe with planets (just 50 years ago) and that the Earth was probably the only inhabitable planet in the Galaxy (just 25 years ago). The fact is that Material Science today is nothing more than the religion of choice for most of the world……..but remember that history repeats itself - for Material Science became a religion once before, long ago in Atlantis, and at that time it surpassed all that current science has achieved today in almost (but not quite) all areas. The masses believed then, as they do now, that material science was at its ultimate epoch and they worshipped it whole-heartedly……until the inevitable happened, which you can read about elsewhere.

Question: Where do you think that Material Science is currently failing then?

Answer: Material Science is built upon a premise that the universe is formed solely through the random joining of particles of blind matter. They do not accept the role of an intelligent guiding presence (whether one calls that presence God or Spirit or Angels or whatever). They even believe that these particles of matter can form that “thinking” MIND that you are using right now to read this article with, simply by bits of matter randomly combining with each other. Such a theory is so bizarre that it belies belief that ANYONE could be so gullible to accept it – how and why does anyone accept such a teaching that lumps of matter can coalesce in such a way that they can suddenly start THINKING?!? But then science can now make toasters which create patterns on the bread – so they must know what they are talking about! Yet, seriously, material science can never fully succeed until it accepts the existence of that “guiding presence” – which it never will, because it cannot be put into a test tube and measured in a laboratory.

Question: Does Occult Science agree with Material Science on anything?

Answer: There are three answers to this question. Firstly there are areas where Material Science was lagging behind but has now caught up (for example it now accepts that the Earth is spherical and not flat). Secondly there are areas where it does not currently accept the Teachings of Occult Science, but where it will probably catch up sooner or later (for example it may eventually find a way to measure how old the Great Pyramid actually is). Thirdly there are areas where it will never catch up with the Knowledge which Occult Science possesses (for example where exactly do we go after the point of death of the material body is a question which has a simple answer, but one which material science can never discover because it does not even accept that the MIND is a separate entity to the brain, and therefore believes that the thinking mind dies when the brain dies).

Question: Are there any Material Scientists who have understood about this and also worked in the field of Occult Sciences?

Answer: There have been, and are, many great scientists, such as Sir Isaac Newton, the physicist Sir Oliver Lodge and today, Dr Rupert Sheldrake, who studied Occult Science. Nor is it generally known that Albert Einstein drew on the occult scientific teachings of H. P. Blavatsky for many of his ideas. The Occult Sciences are a multi-faceted jewel that can be summed up as the systematic study of the hidden laws and principles of man and the universe. For example, have you ever questioned whether our Sun is really just a burning ball of fiery gases, as the scientists tell us? Did you know that Pythagoras, Paracelsus and many other occult scientists of the past knew and taught that the Sun is a cool body that reflects the rays of a greater, hidden sun? There are many such scientists even today who can be respected as thinking men and women.

Question: Finally, what can Occult Science teach us which Material Science cannot teach us?

Answer: How the Universe was formed, and why. Why Creation versus Evolution is a spurious argument and why both theories are a smokescreen, concealing the real picture which is easily understood by Occult Scientists using Hermetic principles. How matter can be transmuted. What magnetism and electricity really are. The influences of other planets on our daily lives. The importance and influence of gemstones on our daily lives. How to cure illnesses without using poisonous chemicals. What parts constitute a human being, and which of those parts survive after the end of the life of the human body. Alchemy and Magic – and how they can be used to improve your life and the lives of those around you? Metaphysics, Higher Ethics, Philosophy, Psychology and Religion. Why populations, civilizations and nations rise and fall. What causes wars, epidemics, natural disasters and revolutions. The truth about ‘Soul Mates‘- what they are and whether the search for such a True Mate is a hopeless one. Material science does not know and cannot tell you! What and where we can find the other dimensions which some call astral worlds, planes or realms. Who and what live in these invisible realms: is it fairies, angels, demons or men and women? Whether we can we visit these realms whilst still alive on Earth. Whether we can contact departed friends and relatives in these realms and whether they can contact us. Sadly, material Science cannot satisfactorily answers a single question we have posed. According to prevailing scientific theories, we are merely a random collection of atoms with a lifespan of around 70 years, followed by eternal oblivion. Thankfully many thinking people intuitively know that this must be wrong. However, these same people remain rightly sceptical about the alternatives offered by organized religion, which demands blind faith in its dogmas and belief in so-called ‘miracles’, yet cannot produce any scientific facts to substantiate them. To all these sincere people, currently stranded between a rock and a hard place, Occult Science (based on facts that you can verify for yourself) offers a solution.