"Thank you for the awesome and thought­ provoking lectures—every one has felt like a gift from God. How so much wisdom can be conveyed in a few pages of text continues to amaze and thrill."

Student from Australia

"These teachings are awakening a rosy dawn ... like a lifeline to Heaven sending down manna, it nourishes the aspiring student. I have known the difficulty of finding authentic Teachings in this world, and now I need never again accept anything less than Pure Truth."

Student from USA

"I truly look forward to my austere brown envelope arriving each week! These Teachings and exercises are precisely as I HOPED they would be, even though I had no idea or expectations of WHAT they would be! I already begin to see the world in a fresh way and feel as if I am resurfacing from centuries of sleep and amnesia."

Student from UK

"Thank you for your continued guidance – the Studies have been most stimulating; the exercises challenging yet rewarding; and it never ceases to surprise me that there is always something new to be discovered in revisiting the Lectures time after time."

Student from Northern Ireland

"With the Lectures we enter into a dimension of truth and correctness which allows a harmonious flow of occult knowledge."

Student from Italy

What sort of a person would join a Secret Order?

This is a very interesting question of course, but a question to which there is no specific answer ...... because there is no special “profile” which fits all sizes. There is no specific age, no specific race or nationality, no specific social class and no specific level of intelligence which would “categorise” our students. But perhaps they do share some particular characteristics, regardless of whether they are a Sultan or a salesman. For example:­

Our students want more from life than a good education to 21, a good job to 65, and a good retirement ...... followed by death from cancer or heart disease at 75. They intuitively know that they seek more than this “treadmill” of existence – but they have failed to find it in organised religion, or in material possessions, or in New Age paraphernalia (eg spiritualism, yoga, UFOs, gurus, and all the other gimmicks on offer for “finding oneself”).

By the time they have reached this website, the student has all but given up the search for that purpose in life as a hopeless quest – yet, still, they intuitively know that what they seek is out there somewhere! The thought of joining a Secret Order may frighten away many at first, who wrongly associate it with signing up to some sort of a “cult”, which it most emphatically is not. Rather it is a Course of Study, done privately in your own home, each week of which opens up your Mind to new revelations and truths which simply cannot be found in any books. You come to learn exactly why you are here on Earth and exactly what you need to do whilst you are here on Earth. Life takes on a genuine PURPOSE for the first time.

The student learns that whilst there is nothing wrong with acquiring wealth for oneself and one’s family (and that a “spiritual” person does not have to eat cabbage and wear sandals and sackcloth, but can actually be a wealthy and successful businessman too if he wishes it), it is really of very little importance in the greater scheme of life and that there is much more of significance which has to be achieved. The student learns exactly what secret reward awaits those who do work hard and who achieve that which is required of them ­ and as for the rest of the world, who do not achieve anything of significance, we can reveal here and now what reward awaits them ......... eventual rebirth, and more of the same next time, and the time after that, again and again, life after life after life. That is what awaits the overwhelming majority of mankind, and it is no secret. Students who join a Secret Order want better than that for themselves, and that is why they join a Secret Order.

"Quite simply, reading your Lecture is the highlight of my entire week! "

Student from Lancs, UK

"Your lectures are extremely enlightening and full of wisdom—the kind of knowledge that is just not obtainable anywhere else. I feel very privileged and blessed to have found you."

Student from Ireland

"I cannot express my appreciation in words for what I am learning. Every week the lectures gradually change in tone and colour as our vision and understanding expands and unfolds with every pearl of wisdom which you send to us."

Student from Slovakia

"I cannot explain it, but I feel energised from your Lectures – even my skin has become more radiant. Others have noticed the difference too, some saying that I look years younger, and I am suddenly more popular and my relationships with others seem more positive and fulfilling. In short, I am not the same person that started out on this Path one year ago. Life now has a definite purpose and a direction. Thank you with all my heart."

Student from London, UK

"I have successfully used the weekly Teachings today to persuade a film producer to use my work. I was in complete control during the interview with him."

Student from Hollywood, USA