Question: How do we recognise Divine Truth from worldly truth?

Answer: The path towards the realisation of Divine Truth is long, and the stones are very hard and sharp to the weary traveller towards the distant Light. But if we are steadfast, there will eventually shine out a ray of Hope upon the far horizon. Then gradually, and often speedily, the Spiritual Sun will rise within our Heaven; a great awakening of the Inner Self takes place, and the moment comes when we can realize the majesty of Truth, such as no materialist could ever dream of, that will place us upon the heights, where nothing of the shadow-land here below can reach us. And there we stand, liberated, glorified and full of joy beyond all earthly comprehension. Moreover, there is a vast concourse awaiting us, of those who have trodden the path before us. Anxiously they await our coming, stretching out their arms in loving welcome towards us, the weary travellers; glad to know that our task among the shadows is done and the more glorious work shall now commence for us. There also await the Hidden Masters, awaiting their brothers of shadowy earth, now transformed into flaming torches of wisdom, love and compassion; ready to add their light to the greater flames of God; to light the way for those who are yet to come. This then, is Real Occult Truth and the way to it lies straight before you in these Teachings which have been re-established in order that GENUINE seekers may find the TRUE LIGHT.


Question: If one is accepted as a student of the Hidden Masters, is there a massive amount of new material and content that we would need to learn?

Answer: This answer may surprise you, but the first aim of the Holy Teachings is to reduce the current amount of “knowledge” which you have cluttering up your Mind. Paracelsus, the great 16th Century Occultist wrote: “He who wishes to learn Occult Truth must first of all divest himself of all his own preconceptions, and the opinions of others, for these bar the door to the entrance of Truth.” Each weekly Lecture is only about 5 pages therefore, and is written in a pleasant way, so there is certainly no need to amass piles of books and paperwork to study and memorise, like at school or university.

Question: Why do we need a Hidden Master and a Study Course – can we not get this Knowledge from the books which you recommend?

Answer: Those who think they can learn Truth without the guidance of a qualified Master—appointed to this task by the Gods themselves—will fall into error and confusion. There is an endless stream of so-called ‘Occult’ books pouring off the presses nowadays, adding to an enormous mountain of similar publications, all contradicting each other and causing much confusion amongst genuine seekers. Many of these writers mean well, and we have no doubt that many of them are sincere, but none of them can provide the reader with clear answers to the great mysteries of Life. Instead, such books endlessly recycle second and third hand opinions about subjects of which the authors have no real knowledge and less experience; they speculate, but they do not know. Meanwhile, those that DO know, are also aware that it is not permitted for them to openly reveal these great secrets in books (or in any other way) and that they can only be passed on to those who have proven themselves worthy. Therefore, no books will ever carry the genuine Teachings for these reasons.

Question: How long is this Path to Truth?

Answer: It is rightly said that ignorance is the greatest sin. This therefore rightly implies that Truth and Wisdom is the greatest goodness. Between these two extremes lies the battlefield of conflict through which we have to fight our way through several steps from one shore to the other. Firstly we must gain Knowledge, for without Knowledge we are no better than a beast of burden toiling in the fields. But Knowledge alone is not enough – for from that Knowledge we must then attain Understanding. Understanding of the various parts brings us ever closer to God, but only when we have the Wisdom to see the FULL PICTURE have we achieved the goal and won the right to abide in the Realm of Heaven and to have the choice of whether to avoid the rack of endless reincarnation back to this Earth of conflict and despair. Ignorance > Knowledge > Understanding > Wisdom.

Question: If we spend all our time seeking Truth then how can we also enjoy the fruits of life and family and work and all the good things that Earth offers us?

Answer: That great Hidden Master, William Shakespeare, answered this well when he said, “Dost thou think because thou art now virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?” Exactly so. Truth and Wisdom are not separate from earthly life – at least they certainly should not be, for we hold no troth with the ascetics and hermits who take their wisdom to the mountain tops and live on grass and water – for the finder of Truth should live their earthly life with vigour and energy and happiness in all they think, all they say and all they do, becoming a beacon of LIGHT to all who know them; family, friends, colleagues and anyone who comes into contact with them, will feel that added magnetism and vitality. Nobody should enjoy the pleasures of life and family and work more than the Student of the Mysteries, who will also find success and pleasure in all that they set out to achieve.

Question: Why is the Occult Truth reserved only for the FEW? Why is not available to everybody and taught in the government schools?

Answer: Firstly you must be aware that you are here on Earth and not in one of the Heavenly Realms. Earth is the central Realm – above it are the Higher (heavenly) Realms and below it are the Lower (hellish) Realms. It should therefore be considered as the battleground from which the worthy are promoted upwards and the unworthy are demoted downwards. In other words, one must WORK towards this Truth and it cannot simply be handed out to all, as it often might be in a Higher Realm. Secondly, many people are incarnated onto Earth from the hellish lower realms, and some of them are very evil people – it would be so very wrong for these people to become endowed with great Divine Truths, and indeed they would not even wish to be, for if you tried to pass on some of your new Wisdom to them they would cut you down in seconds and warn you not to get yourself involved with such “stuff and nonsense” and to let them get back to their favourite television soap opera which is about to start. And thus the great Occult Truths have been concealed from the masses for millennia, and reserved for those few who are interested in searching for something better than that which the masses are satisfied with.

Question: Finally, is there any other place on Earth where we can find Pure Truth apart from through the great Mystery Teachings and Occult Sciences?

Answer: Yes. It was Robert Browning who said, “Truth is found within ourselves. There is an inmost centre inside us all where Truth abides in fullness.” This is absolutely correct. We may seem to be contradicting ourselves in saying that Truth lies within ourselves but can only be taught by the True Teacher. But if you will read over our words again with care you will see this is not so at all. Please refer to the HIDDEN MASTERS page of this website which clearly explains the need for a MASTER within and a MASTER without.