Please fill in the form below and submit it electronically.

(Or if you prefer then you can download and print out the form yourself, and mail it to IRS, 4 Old Park Lane, London W1K, 1QW)


    I hereby apply for admittance as a student of the Teachings of the O.H.M. I have carefully read the Manifesto setting forth the aims and rules of the O.H.M. and I am in full agreement with said aims and rules, and I confirm that:

    1) I acknowledge and venerate One Supreme Deity, and
    2) I agree to obey the Laws of the Land in which I am resident, and
    3) I have made my first payment through which I understand is 100% refundable (same day) if my application is not successful.

    I also promise on my honour not to divulge, to third parties, any of the Teachings or other confidential information which I may receive from time to time from the O.H.M. and I am in full agreement with the fixed rule not to share the Lectures with any other person whatsoever; nor to publish them in any way or reprint them in full or in part, or to have them copied or stored electronically (even for my own use), and to respect the copyright of all the teachings or any printings or writings of the O.H.M. to the fullest extent.

    About Membership and Fees

    The O.H.M. is a private organisation and not all applicants can be accepted as members.

    There are many possible reasons why an applicant may be unsuccessful in his or her application and it is not necessarily a negative reflection on their abilities or potential. We regret that under no circumstances will we give reasons for a refusal, nor will we enter upon any correspondence in connection with this matter. The decision once made is irrevocable, and there is no process of appeal or re-application.

    At the end of each of the first three years of membership there will be an examination (which can be done in the comfort of your home with access to all the lectures). Failure to pass any of these three examinations may result in a delay in progressing to the next level. Thereafter, at the end of 3 years, those who have proved themselves worthy in every way, may be accepted to continue with us into the Inner Circle.

    Application is open to all ages, all religions, all racial groups, and equally to both sexes. If you are accepted as a Member, you will receive a letter and email conveying the good news and an introductory welcome package will be included. You still have the option to withdraw your Membership at any time.