Those who think they can learn Truth without the guidance of a qualified Master will fall into error and confusion

There is an endless stream of so-called ‘Occult’ books pouring off the presses nowadays, adding to an enormous mountain of similar publications, all contradicting each other and causing much confusion amongst genuine seekers. Many of these writers mean well, and we have no doubt that many of them are sincere, but none of them can provide the reader with clear answers to the great mysteries of life. Instead, such books endlessly recycle second and third hand opinions about subjects of which the authors have no real knowledge and even less experience; they speculate, but they do not know. Meanwhile, those that DO know, are also aware that it is not permitted for them to openly reveal these great secrets in books (or in any other way) and that they can only be passed on to those who have proven themselves worthy. Therefore, no books will ever carry the genuine teachings for these reasons.

The Order of the Hidden Masters presents a study course in the Ancient Mystery Teachings, to teach seekers like yourself, the sublime occult truth and wisdom. We have taught Seekers like yourself from the UK, and worldwide, for several generations since 1939, and continue to do so now into the 21st Century.



These are the exact words of one such student, a 23 year old lady from the UK, who had been with us for just 18 months when she wrote:

I truly look forward to my austere brown envelope arriving each week! These Teachings and exercises are precisely as I HOPED they would be, even though I had no idea or expectations of WHAT they would be! I already begin to see the world in a fresh way and feel as if I am resurfacing from centuries of sleep and amnesia.

We especially liked this honest appraisal, since no new student quite knows exactly what to expect, when they join us – but you each have hopes and aspirations of finding a TRUTH and WISDOM which you have failed to find elsewhere. This student found it through our Teachings, and began to feel “awake” for the first time in her life.

A 28 year old gentleman from Ireland wrote:

Your lectures are extremely enlightening and full of wisdom-the kind of knowledge that is just not obtainable anywhere else. I feel very privileged and blessed to have found you.

Again, we picked this quote from amongst the thousands of good quotes sent to us through the years – because it not only acknowledges that many of the contents simply cannot be found anywhere outside the Secret Mystery Schools, but the quote also conveys the feeling of privilege which many of our students appreciate in being allowed access to our Teachings.

Finally we attach two further quotes. The first is from a 60 year old lady from the south of England, who wrote:

I cannot explain it, but I feel energised from your Lectures – even my skin has become more radiant. Others have noticed the difference too, some saying that I look years younger, and I am suddenly more popular and my relationships with others seem more positive and fulfilling. In short, I am not the same person that started out on this Path one year ago. Life now has a definite purpose and a direction. Thank you with all my heart.

And the second is from a 33 year old well-known actor/writer from Hollywood, who wrote:

I have successfully used the weekly Teachings today to persuade a film producer to use my work. I was in complete control during the interview with him.

We include these to show that these Teachings also have a practical application which has changed the lives of many of our Students, often in seemingly miraculous ways. However all such applications use scientific principles known only to OCCULT SCIENCE, and are not miraculous at all. As a student with us, you yourself would be able to first understand and then to adapt and apply the principles to change your own life for the better. And also to hopefully help others too.