BookIn Search of the Hidden Masters

This book describes the steps in the journey towards finding the True Master in a clear and simple manner all can understand. In it, many cherished fantasies are exploded, whilst the multitude of ‘gurus’ who prey upon the gullibility of seekers, are shown up for what they are. This book will be a breath of fresh air to anyone who has failed to find the True Master, providing clear hints on what to look for and what not to look for. The book is designed to attract people who would make good students, and to repel those who would not be suitable. Therefore it “pulls no punches” and anyone who is easily offended should choose a different introductory book!

BookGolden Letters

We have tracked down some quite unique and magical correspondence between two very different students and their Hidden Master from the 1980s. These letters contain secret and eye-opening answers to some of the greatest questions of our time - many topics are covered in this correspondence, including séances, the nature of heaven, karma, equality, reincarnation, numerology, healing, words of power, soul-mates, astrology and much more. The answers given may shock you, and simply cannot be found elsewhere — they are revealed now for the very first time. This book is also a good example of how our correspondence course works, in respect of being able to write regularly to your own personal Master, who will be your lifelong Guide and Mentor in exactly the same way as the Master and Students in this particular book.

BookHermetic Footprints

This abridged version of the Hermetic Teachings of the Kybalion reveals the seven principles upon which all Universal Laws rest. In it, one can find clear answers to the perennial questions, such as “Who is God?”, “Why are we here?” and “What is the purpose of life?” together with elucidations of the real nature of Man and the Universe. These principles provide the keys that unlock the secrets of the Genuine Mystery Teachings.

BookThe Book of Michel Nizan

This remarkable true novel is the personal record of one student’s search for Truth, and her meeting with a Hidden Master (from The Order of the Hidden Masters) — “The Arabian Alchemist” — who becomes her Teacher, forever changing her world through the artistry of Light, Life and Love. The story takes the reader on an amazing spiritual journey, culminating in a most unusual Initiation into the Mysteries. It offers a quite unique account into the actual work of a Hidden Master.

BookAnaza’s Ark

This is a more advanced book, on the subject of alchemy. Several of the highest secrets are revealed (and re-veiled) in this allegorical tale of spiritual transmutation, during which a young woman is awakened by Anaza — the physician of her heart — who has come across time and space to rescue her from the folly of wrong beliefs and actions, and to lead her towards enlightenment. The tale includes a veritable wealth of wisdom and truth…but only for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear.

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BookEnoch: The Book of God by Dr. E. V. Kenealy

It is no exaggeration to say that this is one of the most remarkable books in the world. But please do not confuse it with the incomplete and distorted versions put forth by Archbishop Richard Laurence and R H Charles, which bear the same title. The Book of Enoch is so incredibly old that it is impossible to say when it was first written. But even a cursory glance at its remarkable contents must convince the most sceptical reader that it predates the fall of Atlantis, as it predicts the destruction of that island continent in great detail. Those who are genuinely in search of Truth will recognise this book as one of the most ancient and authentic revelations of the Ancient Wisdom, filled with true elucidations of the mysteries of Life. This ancient book is probably the most uplifting text that has ever been printed. It has the power to carry the mind into spheres of the highest Beauty, Peace and Light and to reveal the hidden Wisdom of God and his Angels.