The power or the Knowledge to achieve Initiation cannot be communicated from one to another, but it is the privilege of Initiates to guide others.

Although each human being is surrounded by obstacles, errors and illusions (which only he himself can overcome in the end), it is permitted to those who KNOW to lend him their aid in order to find release.

There are many colours, shades and tints, but there is only ONE LIGHT.

Our students are warned and instructed to avoid the snares of non-essentials, for only the true Master may proceed from the known to the unknown. Once only shall we knock on your door. Search therefore your inner being, first to see if you are worthy, and secondly to ascertain if you wish to be freed, so that you may enter the Holy Portals of Wisdom and Light.

But pay heed! We provide no thrills or wondrous panaceas, no miracles, no glamour, no “group sessions”, no rituals, no magic spells or potions, no talismans, no overnight wealth, no sudden attractiveness, nor do we promise “instant knowledge” or unlimited power over Nature or your fellow man. Our Teachings, which stem from most Ancient times, are genuine, and we only open our doors to sincere Seekers who are willing to work with enthusiasm and persistence over a long period of time.

OHM - A short description

The Order of the Hidden Masters consists of a Group of Teachers and students who do not reveal their identities as Members to the general public, to their friends, or even amongst themselves. They work entirely in secret and may only mention the Order to those whom they know to be worthy in every way in a manner explained hereafter. The only person who knows all the teachers and students is the Supreme Grand Master – the Hierophant – and he in turn is known only to those who serve on the Supreme Inner Council.

The Order received dispensation to recommence its work in the British Isles towards the end of the 1930s but the ramifications of the Order are worldwide, and none of the Leaders have ever been discovered by the un-initiated anywhere. The reason for this unalterable and fixed rule of Secrecy is that the Order aims at a total suppression of the personal element which leads so often to disruption and strife amongst even the finest and most elevated Groups of Occult and Mystical Students and Workers. It also cancels out all chance of the personal glorification of one – or more – at the expense of the rest of the Members. This is an old and well established Occult Law; too often unknown, ignored or forgotten.

The Order is divided into three Groups. The first is the Outer Circle, consisting of three Grades. It takes three years to master the teachings of these Grades, and the work may be compared to a University Course of study in Philosophy, Natural and Occult Laws and Science, Higher Ethics and Metaphysics. The Order is non-sectarian and open to all sincere students of both sexes of whatever Nationality or Creed. Each Grade contains 50 lectures on various subjects, sent weekly. Students also have the opportunity to write once a month with a list of questions to their allocated Master. The Supreme Council also wishes to make it quite clear that the members are not shackled to the Order in any way whatsoever. They have complete and absolute freedom to retire from membership at any time they wish, without repercussions of any sort.

The students of the Outer Circle may pass at the end of the three years into the Inner Group. But we state here and now, and we most solemnly declare, that not every student will be able to enter the Inner Circle. Only those with special attributes, inherent or acquired by deep study, can hope to succeed to the Inner work. Those students honoured in this manner will be carefully trained to enter the final and most elevated Group and to become eventual Teachers in their turn, and they may even become Members of the Supreme Council in the end. This depends entirely upon their talents and their sincerity as workers and servers, but no time periods in connection with this can be stated here in regard to the final elevation of such exceptional Members.


Aims and Teachings

The O.H.M. Teachings develop according to the sublime plan of our Preceptors and it will be seen that no real secrets have been hidden from the Seeker, and it is possible for each student to master the whole of Occult Science under our guidance – constituting an edifice of unbelievable grandeur.

The O.H.M. Teachings are based on exactly the same principles – though considerably extended and modernized in various ways – as the Teachings of the Hierophants of Ancient Egypt, who in their turn received them directly or indirectly from the Great Adepts and Masters of Atlantis. Moreover, these Teachings are absolutely true to the Old Wisdom, without having added to them the entirely ignorant and misleading and fantastic claims of some of the lesser Occult Groups, who have the audacity to meddle with the sacred lore by superimposing upon it the unhealthy imaginings of their own untrained minds. We teach Occult Science based on facts of which science has little or no knowledge.


The benefits of Membership

From the foregoing condensed synopsis of the work of the Order it will be seen that the students, if successful, proceed through a course of study and learning which is unique and without equal since the last Ages, 3500 years ago, which represented the end of many ages of great Wisdom, reserved for the few, most of which Wisdom has been lying dormant since that time. It is thus shown that the Order of the Hidden Masters is a Fraternity of men and women who study the higher principles of natural and Cosmic Laws, and by familiarizing themselves with these great Themes they may attain such Mastery over all these Principles that they will lead more useful and happy lives, which, by force of example, will aid mankind in general along its path of more or less blind existence. By studying such profound Mysteries the members gain an amount of vital force, leading to individual progress, such as they could not have dreamt of before.

We may add that this Organization is not associated with any other Mystic or Occult Order, although it incorporates in its curriculum all that is best in the sacred religions and philosophies and in all the rest of such and other elevated studies and teachings. And in addition it teaches some hidden mysteries to which no other Order or School of Occult Lore has access. The teachings of the O.H.M. redeem its members from the puppet or robot-like existence of men who are not privileged to enter into the outer or inner Sanctums of our Great Arcana. Our members can attain full mastery over fate and existence and then they will no longer be the sport of what the ignorant call ‘Bad Luck’, stumbling through life like oxen under a yoke, dumb victims of a ‘Master’ they cannot comprehend, and ending their useless lives in a state of bewildered confusion — until they are born again and follow the old and weary round once more.

Our work leads to freedom from all earthly shackles and to the glorious times when the scales shall fall from their eyes and they will behold the Sanctity of God’s shining Realms and dwell once more with their own people in Heavenly Bliss.


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