To reach the Inner Circle

The Outer Circle is equivalent to a 3 year university course of study in Philosophy, Natural and Occult Laws and Science, Higher Ethics and Metaphysics. (Except it is only 3% of the cost of a UK university course at £295 per year instead of £9200 per year. That is heavily subsidised for you by our benefactors so that you pay less than £1 per day). Those who are successful will then proceed into the Inner Circle, where no Occult Scientific Secrets are withheld from them……..

What you will learn

  • The Sevenfold nature of Man, including the secrets of the Mind (known ONLY to the O.H.M.).
  • The secrets of the Universe, including what Space, Time, Galaxies, Planets and Solar Systems really are.
  • The inner secrets of the Atom.
  • How to remember your previous lives.
  • What is really meant by “twin souls”, “soul-mates” and finding your “other half”.
  • How to achieve whatever you want from life; for yourself, your family and to help others.
  • Magic, alchemy, hypnotism, mind-reading and psychometry.
  • Clairvoyance, clairaudience, magnetic healing and safe breathing techniques.
  • How to achieve perfect Health and how to maintain it.
  • The true secrets of sound, vibration and frequency.
  • The true history of the creation of the universe, and the true history of our planet, and the races of Man – with special emphasis on Atlantis and Ancient Egypt. Also India, Tibet, UK, China, South America and Lemuria.
  • The secrets of gemstones, astrology, magnetism and proper scientific numerology.
  • The Path of the Moon and The Path of the Sun.
  • The secrets of the Astral Realms, including fairies, devas and angels and how to see them.
  • Astral projection, development of the Chakras, rejuvenation etc
  • Full explanation of what happens during sleep and after life on Earth is done with – what happens to you after death, where do you go, what are the conditions like, and who do you meet?
  • The secrets of Prayer. The secret Teachings of Jesus (and others)
  • The Alchemical Marriage and how to achieve it.
  • Contact with, and election to, the Great White Brotherhood. The Magi, Hierophants, Adepts and Illuminati of this world and of the Higher Regions.
  • Much, much more…………….