What we offer you

The Order of the Hidden Masters teaches the sublime occult mysteries to all those who fully desire to come under our tutelage. We exist so that genuine seekers may find the true light. The Order’s teachings are based on exactly the same principles – extended and modernised – as those of the Hierophants of Ancient Egypt, who in turn received them from the Great Adepts and Masters of Atlantis.

A long-term correspondence course for Truth Seekers, which is all-embracing.

An individual journey of Enlightenment.

Your own Master to correspond with and ask questions to, who will be your personal guide and mentor every step throughout your full journey.

One Lecture per week, sent to your home, worldwide.

Various secret exercises and practices, leading to sublime Revelations.

Eventual Freedom from the shackles of rebirth, and the potential to become a Teacher or Master yourself.

What we require in return

Sincerity; commitment to your own progress; and hard work over a long period of time.

Several hours of your time each week for your studies, meditations and spiritual exercises.

Willingness to be of Service to Humanity.

A subsidised fee of just around 75p per day to cover the cost of all study materials and lectures, private tuition and UK postage.